10 May 2017

Positive Review at The Bay Hotel in Cape Town

While in Cape Town,

You shouldn't miss the hot spot of Camps Bay if you really seeking for the best afternoon sunsets.
The Bay Luxury Hotel. Being one of their regulars since few years back, while living in South Africa, I've complimentary received VVIP treatment during my stay in Cape Town.
Curious to know hot does it feels? Phenomenal!
Access to Sandy Private Beach Club, Moet Ice VIP Lounge, SPA, Private Driver and the list can go on!

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National Park Reservations or Private Game Reserve?

National Park Reservations or Private Game Reserve?
What do they have in common? 

Along the years I had various opportunities to travel and experience several safaris. I love capturing animal behavior. Their love, care,  protection towards the other members of the herds is just too innocent comparing with human race in general. So going back to the common point, the answer is 'Nothing'!

National Park Reservations are the ones accommodating the real life of the animals. Big Five, Ugly Five (yes sir! it does exist), Little Five, Shy Five and Impossible Five are all living under the same sky sharing the same food. 

Aquila Game Reserve, Western Cape

Aquila Game Reserve, Western Cape