28 Jul 2016

Yachting on Amalfi Coast

It became almost a tradition spending my Summer holidays on a boat. 
Sailing, yachting, fishing or racing, anything can be fun as long as is well organised, and who can do it better then me let's be honest. 
When you think of Italy, you think of images with freshly baked pizzas, morning espressos and stylish locals zipping around on Vespas. But that's not all! The 'boot' of Europe is in the premier league of the hot destinations this Summer. 
                        The plan looked as following: 2 sailing charters heading from – Napoli to - Procida - Ischia - Ponza – Capri – Positano - Amalfi - Sorrento  – 7 Days – and... back to Napoli.    

Day 1 in Naples,

 34 degrees and an endless queue at the passport control (the airport is quite small, busy and no Air-conditioning on arrivals). British Airways is offering some good deals from London, Gatwick Airport, however there is no BA lounge facilities for the executive members. By 10.30 AM, all of us landed from all over at Aeropuerto di Napoli. Full of excitement and happiness we headed to the shuttle that was gonna transfer us to a holiday of a lifetime.  2 sailing charters and 18 fellows who meant to behave but there was too many other options. Not really knowing each-other that well, was nothing more challenging then to get along for few days in a small environment on the sea. Adrian & Sorin (the cabin crew) were by far the best skippers I've met. 

A Salalidis

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