1 Apr 2016

Yachting Lifestyle | 2016 Summer Trend

              It became already a tradition spending my summer holidays on a boat. Sailing, yachting, fishing, racing, anything can be fun as long as is well organised. Yacht holidays are not just for the rich and famous anymore, New York Times ensures us. Each one of you can transform a basic holiday into a holiday of a lifetime.
            A new report shows that a quarter of the charter companies have pulled out a fleet of hundreds of boats ready for global destinations this year, the most approached ones being  Southern Italy, Greek Islands, South of France and the Virgin Islands. Let’s face it; no other destination can compete with the glamourous Europe’s Coasts.
My destination for the Summer 2016 :
  Southern Italy on a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509.

Yachting on Amalfi Coast 
The plan looks as following: 2 Boats – Napoli - Procida - Ischia - Ponza – Capri – Positano - Amalfi - Sorrento – pasta - good wine - seafood - pasta again - lots of sunshine – good music – 8 Days –and.. back to Napoli.  Ah not to forget Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvius volcanoes that are in a constant state of activity. 

As attention to detail on the boat was always one of my skills, below you have few of: 
Professional Services requirements and services for a successful holiday on our boats:
·         Food table should be spotless and food arrangements should impress.
·        Shoes are never allowed on-board.
·        No plastic cutlery or dishes | sometimes plastic glasses can be accepted for safety reasons on the decks.
·        Always use fresh fruits juice for cocktails, this way we avoid potential sea sick from alcohol.
·        Vegetarian menus can be arranged.
·        Fresh seafood can be ordered.
·        First aid always must be presented at the beginning of the journey (headache tablets, seasickness, food poisoning/charcoal tablets and sunburn cream).
·        Lennon must be refreshed prior boarding and towels in good condition (not colour gone from the sun).
·        Ensure priority entry for lunch and dinner restaurants.
·        Our Captain will always be able to talk about the cultural side of the sit.  
·        Music facilities and preferential play lists on request.
·        Colours on board can be customised on request, corporate branding can be possible, as long as it doesn't bring damages.
·        Schedule can always be tailored on the run.

Trips can be upgraded with beautiful residences and catering on request.
                                                  Can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

Yachting in Amalfi 

Yachting in Cannes | ASalalidis Photography 

Yachting in Cannes | ASalalidis Photography
Yachting in Santorini, Greece | ASalalidis Photography 

Yachting in Milos, Greece | ASalalidis Photography 

Greece | ASalalidis
South of France | ASalalidis

Antibes | ASalalidis
Antibes | ASalalidis
Lerins Island, South of France | ASallaidis Photography  
                                                                 Sincerely, A Salalidis

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