13 Apr 2016

The Irish Adventure | Visit Cork, Ireland

I just 'luuuve' it when I'm visiting a new place and it impresses me to another extend. Not really planning on writing about Cork in my travel-business to Ireland this week, but the people's passion for life, the hospitality and the good aura of the city didn't allowed me not to. By chance I have booked an impressive hotel, 'The Kingsley', had a generous driver, a long waited afternoon at the SPA and the yummiest dinner on 2016 by far at 'Il Padrino' Ristorante (Cork City is having the fame of decent restaurants) . Let me tell you one thing about 'Il Padrino', I haven't had 'goosebumps' eating since Santorini to be honest (not even on South of France). Absolutely fantastic, something that gives me a good feeling thinking on my yachting lifestyle experience this Summer on Amalfi Coast. Spiedini, fresh mozzarella di buffalo and a Sicilian Pinot Grigio sent me to the Moon and back. Ah, not to forget the complimentary frozen limoncello. Finally understood that doesn't cost you anything to pay more attention to your daily living details.


 First impression: loved Cork, very cosy city even if the taxi driver was yawning while singing on the way back (laugh out loud).


See you in Barcelona this weekend ;)
 Sincerely, A Salalidis


  1. Linda O'Shea14 April 2016 at 04:30

    Dear Andreia,

    I just had a look and that sounds fantastic. Thank You. In such a short trip you managed to capture so much of Cork, as if you have been here for months.

    I worked on cruise ships for seven years so I've visited many places and love going to places that locals recommend.

    I lived in a little island off the coast of Naples called Ischia you have to visit there when you go around the Amalfi coast. My fiance is from there I am going there again next month.

    It is full of thermal waters and a little paradise, not to mention amazing food.

    I love your blog I will definitely follow you on your travels.

    Warm regards,

  2. The Kingsley Hotel26 April 2016 at 01:07

    '''Andreia Salalidis Etiquette Thank you for the lovely review of The Spa at ‪#‎Thekingsley‬. Delighted you enjoyed your visit, it’s always lovely to hear:
    “Everywhere I walk everyone smiles, greets and is happy to serve or to see you, even the hotel guests, amazingly no one was grumpy.
    Linda, assistant manager of The SPA of Kingsley opened my interest of visiting the South and convinced me to return and guide my guests to an Irish Adventure. I would definitely not miss again a day at The Spa “