2 Mar 2016

Sunset on Table Mountain - Cape Town | South Africa

     Sawubona! Unjani wena? Was my first Zulu words. 
     It's been awhile since I've been down here. My closest friends surprised me one afternoon with an amazing sunset and a special south african wine on Table Mountain. Rian, that was a crazy blast up there :)) I still get that good mood feeling every time I think of it.  
     Table Mountain is probably the most iconic feature of the Mother City and the Southern HemisphereEven if recently was named one of the 7 Wonders of Nature, Table Mountain has a long history steeped out in mystery.
      For nearly two years I lived at it's 'shade'. 

       Curious to know the Top of the World feeling? 
 Situated at the tip of Africa, It is one of the oldest mountains in the World ... and is located among the most popular tourist destinations of Cape Town,
Cape Town Business District | ASalalidis Photography

Sea Point View | ASalalidis Photography

One could write several opinions and still fall a mile short of nailing its essence, stories could never end... 
until next time.. 

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