2 Mar 2016

A drive to False Bay | Cape Town, South Africa(TM)

      My good friend Jason offered me two complimentary days on a Harley. There are so many to tell.. from township tours, supper with the locals, weddings on a Harley, Cape Peninsula tours, corporate tours, Jason does it all. The ride, was absolutely stunning. Great roads, sunsets and breath-taking views. About my Harley experience on the coast we're definitely going to talk on a later post... 
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 My drive on the coast: 
    Well I had the guts to do it by myself. Rented a car and followed the road.. no navigation.. no touristic attitude .. hats or maps... 

For those who haven't seen by now the South African Rand, I've got one thing to tell you...even the notes looks like a safari.

Madiba, the South African Legend

It's been a full day for me, lots of memories and of course overwhelm !
Too many places and too many people... around me.. just filled me up with energy!

Next stop: Cape Point Nature Reserve,

With Love from Cape of Good Hope,

A Salalidis

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