30 Mar 2016

Amazing Greek food | top best things to eat in Greece

Greek food is elegant and simple, with flavours subtle to robust, with a lot of lemon and olives, textures smooth to crunchy, fresh and timeless, healthy and nutritious. Preparing and enjoying Greek food, absolutely anywhere in the world, is an adventurous journey into the cradle of civilization and the land of the Gods of Olympus.
I have always been a Greek food fan, and all I can say is that Greek food is delicious. There is a lot of variety, many flavours, and tones of fish, fruits and meat. After doing some really 'hard' research couple of holidays, here are some of my favourite dishes:

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette
Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette

Andreia Salalidis Etiquette
                      ' When Greeks had cholesterol all the other civilizations were still in the trees!' :)

                                                                         Love, A

17 Mar 2016

Luxury Holiday in Cape Town | South Africa

Cape Town has plenty awesome accommodations which one can choose from. 
Instead of any other expensive hotel downtown I challenge you to rent one of the the Cape Luxury Residences for a week-two- or as much as you need.  The residences are mainly situated on the coast with an guaranteed ocean view, pool, parkings, maids, nannies, SPA area and latest interior design on the market. The ones that one can only get there by helicopter or by lifts.
We, the Cape Luxury Residences team in London, specializes in the rental of some of South Africa’s most exclusive and luxurious villas, boutique hotels and spa’s as well as a few select game reserves. In Cape Town our villas are mainly located along the Atlantic Seaboard and other close surrounding areas. Most of our properties are available for shoots being either stills or films. With more than 20 years of experience in the Cape Town property field we are able to offer all property related services. We also provide a bespoke concierge service where we cater for the likes and needs of the top celebrities. Below are just few of our major portfolio, for enquiries you can contact us anytime. 
Luxx Villa | Clifton Road
When you see such beauties is a bit impossible not to fall in love with Cape Town.
The beauty about Clifton is that it is nestled in nature's curves but 10 mins away from the Mother City. Luxx Villa is a modern five luxury en-suite bedrooms with King Size beds fitted with the world's finest linen and pure luxury by having an impressive art collection and furnished to the highest standards.
The villa boasts five impressive bedrooms en suite. The entertainment deck boasts an impressive  bar that opens up to the rim flow pool. 3 plush lounge area’s lie around the entertainment deck with state of the art sound system. Luxx also includes a gym, massage area, study, wine cellar, outdoor fire pit and 2 outdoor showers.
The villa comes with chef and cars at an additional charge.
Luxx Villa | Cape Town

The Bond House | Cape Town
The Bond House, 008 – Winner of House & Leisure “ SA House of the Year” – September 2009 Set in a spectacular location, this Camps Bay villa is an architectural masterpiece mere minutes from palm-fringed Camps Bay beach, restaurants and bars of Camps Bay.  On a practical note, the house has state-of-the-art specifications throughout. From the security system, to the air-conditioning, the light settings and LCD TV’s in every room with access to the media centre, almost everything is controlled at the touch of a button. You can reserve the entire Camps Bay villa, or choose from the selection of the apartments within it. Designed by Cape Town’s leading architect Stefan Antoni, this house features state-of-the-art specifications throughout.

Pentagon Villa | Cape Town
Pentagon Villa was designed by well know architect Stefan Antoni. It is said to be the new benchmark in contemporary seaside living. It has highly desirable location and address, unobstructed sea views, ground breaking contemporary design and luxurious, yet understated finishes and superior privacy and security. The villa is private and quiet with nothing other than mountain and sea in sight. It is set on a plot of 940 sqm, with a Stefan Antoni hallmark arch that appears almost suspended on the front of this remarkable home. Pentagon is villa is where you want to be.A separate direct access for a butler and staff at the courtyard level offers the owner additional privacy and convenience. The sheltered garage boasts substantial capacity to house either 4 large vehicles, motorbikes, wet bikes, or quite possibly a boat, not to mention additional off street parking for guests.
Pentagon Villa | Cape Town

Garden SPA Villa | Cape Town
Garden SPA villa is an architectural master piece. It was voted house of year in South Africa. Designed to cater for relaxation, privacy and entertainment. It is a paradise away from home. This villa has an amazing marble spa and massage room. It is equipped with 3 bedrooms en-suite. Rocha is simply architecture and relaxation at its best.

London Ambassador of Cape Luxury Residences
Andreia Salalidis

Events in Cape Town | South Africa

      If you are planning a trip to Cape Town always consider the events calendar as you might be lucky enough to attend one of the Global Parties, Gay Pride March or Cape Town Carnivals...

Clifton Yacht Parties | @ASalalidis
Other good friend is Jason, the Cape Corporate Harley Davidson exposure ride...

Cape Corporate Harley | @ASalalidis
     Another big event that I had the chance to participate was #Ultra South Africa. One of the ...
     The last but not at least event that I had the honor to participate was #capetownpride...

Clifton Yacht Parties | @ASalalidis

I had the most amazing time working and spending time with all of you, and I can only say that I have lived a fairy-tale being back in Cape Town. I have fall in love with this city for the second time! Main thought when I traveled down-there was of saying good-bye to that time of my life, but that will be impossible, as South Africa will always be a part of me!
  Tears started running when my friends showed up at the airport and screaming 'Welcome back home darling' :). 
As they say: you will never be completely home again... because part of your heart will always be elsewhere! That's the price you pay for loving and knowing people in more than one place! The Universe already reworded me with a big family, I can only be thankful for it. 

Until next time Cape Town!
Yours always,
 Andreia Salalidis 

2 Mar 2016

Sunset on Table Mountain - Cape Town | South Africa

     Sawubona! Unjani wena? Was my first Zulu words. 
     It's been awhile since I've been down here. My closest friends surprised me one afternoon with an amazing sunset and a special south african wine on Table Mountain. Rian, that was a crazy blast up there :)) I still get that good mood feeling every time I think of it.  
     Table Mountain is probably the most iconic feature of the Mother City and the Southern HemisphereEven if recently was named one of the 7 Wonders of Nature, Table Mountain has a long history steeped out in mystery.
      For nearly two years I lived at it's 'shade'. 

       Curious to know the Top of the World feeling? 
 Situated at the tip of Africa, It is one of the oldest mountains in the World ... and is located among the most popular tourist destinations of Cape Town,
Cape Town Business District | ASalalidis Photography

Sea Point View | ASalalidis Photography

One could write several opinions and still fall a mile short of nailing its essence, stories could never end... 
until next time.. 

Pictures are due to creative commune rights, personal property, approval to use needed. 

A drive to False Bay | Cape Town, South Africa(TM)

      My good friend Jason offered me two complimentary days on a Harley. There are so many to tell.. from township tours, supper with the locals, weddings on a Harley, Cape Peninsula tours, corporate tours, Jason does it all. The ride, was absolutely stunning. Great roads, sunsets and breath-taking views. About my Harley experience on the coast we're definitely going to talk on a later post... 
                                                              Continue reading... 

 My drive on the coast: 
    Well I had the guts to do it by myself. Rented a car and followed the road.. no navigation.. no touristic attitude .. hats or maps... 

For those who haven't seen by now the South African Rand, I've got one thing to tell you...even the notes looks like a safari.

Madiba, the South African Legend

It's been a full day for me, lots of memories and of course overwhelm !
Too many places and too many people... around me.. just filled me up with energy!

Next stop: Cape Point Nature Reserve,

With Love from Cape of Good Hope,

A Salalidis