20 Feb 2016

Escape to Santorini this Summer

3 visits to Santorini, and each time I love it more. Feels home every time I put my foot into that island. I must admit I always prefered a speed ferry instead of a flight to get there. This way I get to see more of Greece and enjoy the greek culture by traveling side by side with the locals, from island to island |Although is one hour away by plane from Athens.
Glamorous Santorini it felt amazing. The island is exactly as the postcards are. We have chosen to rent a car for the whole trip and stay in Kamari, practically 6 minutes away from Fira. 
For us, Santorini is a tale of romance and the perfect setting for renewing our vows  and spending our honeymoon. Restaurants, food, beaches, views are totally different from Mykonos, but still each one have it's beauty. So here are some tips for special moments:

Book ahead for fine dining. and do not miss Naoussa's sunset view over Santorini volcano. Naoussa Restaurant provides one of the best greek food and if you have the chance to meet Mr Kosta, the owner, your night will definitely be one of the best. I still remember the first night we have met him, after the wine served, as a great hospitality gesture, he also took us to the other three restaurants that he owes to introduce us in his unique desserts concept. Was absolutely superb. 2 O'clock in the night and here is us tasting the most exquisite greek recipes and enjoying a breathtaking view.

Naoussa Restaurant View | Santorini

Visit the Volcano. Yes Santorini is got an active volcano that could erupt at any moment and destroy large parts of Greece. The most interesting part of the Volcano Island is that is got a large amount of sulfur deposit. Actually a lot of people swim in those waters these days for therapeutic purposes. So it worth going. 

If you are looking for one of the best swimming spots of the island, then Amoudi Bay is the answer. I know it sounds quite impossible for Santorini, but yes, nothing is more special then have a great lunch and after dip in the water for a scuba safari. We spent a full day in Oia, Amoudi Bay is located 300 steps below Oia, also the famous Santorini donkeys can be found there for a ride if you want to.

The beauty of Santorini is tremendous, from the top beautiful Oia, down to Akrotiri and The Red Beach. The entire island offers you magnificent views over the volcano and the caldera. Watching a sunset is definitely a must. Santorini can become quite populated in July and August, and being the most famous island, becomes very expensive as well. Best time to visit, might be June or September.
 The main port of Santorini is Athinios, located 10 km from Fira, the capital of Santorini. This is where ferries arrive and depart from Santorini. There is a taxi rank at the port and public buses every time a ferry arrives, even at night.
Public transport is also available, there are frequent buses that run from early in the morning till midnight in Santorini. The main bus station is located in Fira and from there you can take the bus to north (Oia and other villages) or south (Kamari). Although as I was saying, we rented a car for the 4 of us which ended up to be the perfect decision. Not only it might be cheaper than taxis but offers you the freedom to explore the entire Island at any time you wish. 

Amoudi Bay | Oia

Amoudi Bay | Santorini

Amoudi Bay | Santorini

                                                                Love, A