16 Nov 2016

London Building Awards

''Tonight we celebrate the stars of the industry'' says Sarah Richardson, the editor of the Building Awards.

Best architecture companies, best CEOs, influential sponsors, best contractors and the biggest construction companies in UK, gathered together last night at The Building Awards held at the Grosvenor House in London.

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Trip to Glasgow

Rated as one of the greatest hospitality from the airline industry and leading on the punctuality and professionalism, British Airways offers daily domestic flights to Scotland from Heathrow Airport every 2 hours.

Few tips while traveling to Glasgow for business:

- If you question yourself if Scotland is a British colony? Well, it has never been one! Scotland is not a British colony...

'Omul meu #altfel', cu Louise

Astazi, Louise scrie despre mine:

"A venit seara și a venit momentul: 'omul meu #altfel'.
Andreia Salalidis nu numai că este o femeie extrem de frumoasă, i-am și zis că ea este frumosă și când plânge și când râde și când e furioasă, dar este un om deosebit, cu o energie incredibilă, și da, în ultimii doi ani, am întâlnit foarte mulți oameni #altfel. Andreia este una dintre cititoarele mele, apoi ca și cu alți oameni care îmi urmăreau postările și blog-ul, și cu care am rezonat, am decis să ne întâlnim, atunci când ajunge în țară.

5 Aug 2016

Beautiful Sunset Villa | Cape Town

   Situated in my favorite spot on the Western Cape Coast, this 5 Star, ultra-luxurious and exclusive property (Villa / Hotel) nestles on the slopes of the Atlantic Seaboard next to the Sandy Bay Nature Reserve in the prestigious residential suburb of Llandudno, Cape Town. 
   Sunset Villa provides well-appointed accommodation with butler service from the moment guests arise until they turn in for the night. Guests awake each day to spectacular sea and mountain views from each of the 6 identical suites before enjoying our “Champagne” Breakfast, with hot breakfasts made to order by the personal chef.

  Designed by a renowned architect, Sunset Villa comes with the following facilities:
- heated swimming pool, 
- steam room, 
- home theater system,
- home automation system,
- in-house mobile telephone network, 
- international plug points, 
- gourmet kitchen, 
- spacious living areas with Wi-Fi , 
- under floor heating, 
- modern barbeque, 
- private sun decks and coffee / ice machines. 

     Guests can be overwhelmed by a state of bliss while watching the sun set from the 80m2 main deck. Sunset Villa provides guests with 180 degree views over the ocean, the sound of waves crashing a mere 130m away and the opportunity to indulge in cocktails and canapés thus reinforcing the experience of “Barefoot Luxury “– on Sunset Rocks.

The distance from the City Center to Lladudno is 15.8 km, with only 30 min drive via M62.

''About Llandudno: is a residential suburb of Cape TownSouth Africa, on the Atlantic seaboard of the Cape Peninsula. There are no street lights, shops or commercial activities, and the suburb has some of the most expensive residential property in South Africa.
Llandudno Beach is one of the Cape's most beautiful beaches, surrounded by large granite boulders and overlooked by mountains. It is a popular surfing spot, but the swimming can be treacherous, with rough seas and extremely cold water. Llandudno has lifeguards on duty during the summer season, operated by the Llandudno Surf Lifesaving club. It is also the access point for the walk to Sandy Bay, an isolated beach still popular with nudists.''    Source- Wikipedia 

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Sincerely Andreia Salalidis,

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28 Jul 2016

Yachting on Amalfi Coast

It became almost a tradition spending my Summer holidays on a boat. 
Sailing, yachting, fishing or racing, anything can be fun as long as is well organised, and who can do it better then me let's be honest. 
When you think of Italy, you think of images with freshly baked pizzas, morning espressos and stylish locals zipping around on Vespas. But that's not all! The 'boot' of Europe is in the premier league of the hot destinations this Summer. 
                        The plan looked as following: 2 sailing charters heading from – Napoli to - Procida - Ischia - Ponza – Capri – Positano - Amalfi - Sorrento  – 7 Days – and... back to Napoli.    

Day 1 in Naples,

 34 degrees and an endless queue at the passport control (the airport is quite small, busy and no Air-conditioning on arrivals). British Airways is offering some good deals from London, Gatwick Airport, however there is no BA lounge facilities for the executive members. By 10.30 AM, all of us landed from all over at Aeropuerto di Napoli. Full of excitement and happiness we headed to the shuttle that was gonna transfer us to a holiday of a lifetime.  2 sailing charters and 18 fellows who meant to behave but there was too many other options. Not really knowing each-other that well, was nothing more challenging then to get along for few days in a small environment on the sea. Adrian & Sorin (the cabin crew) were by far the best skippers I've met. 

A Salalidis

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21 Jun 2016

North Villa, Green Point | Cape Town

Another exceptional villa with high quality finishes and superb design is located in upper Green Point with easy access to the V&A Waterfront, the Atlantic Seaboard, and the city center. An array of excellent restaurants are only a short drive away if guests can manage to tear themselves away from the comfort of their villa and the mesmerizing views.

For more pictures and information related to the property don't hesitate to contact us.
Sincerely Andreia Salalidis,

Photographs are subject to private property of the owner. 

9 Jun 2016

Romania, the new luxury is Bio Lifestyle

Fundata Workshop | Romania
          Aside from the famous Castles, and the Parliament (second biggest building in the world after the Pentagon) there are many other attractions that will help you discover Romania and most of all, romanians -The 'dark skin guys that speaks multiple languages' - how I often hear it in UK.
A quick explanation of the skin colour is that historically Romania was invaded by the Romans, Saxons, Turks as well as Slavic and Magyars, therefore the influences in the North side of the country will be romanians with blond hair and light gray- blue eyes and in South, dark hair with dark-brown eyes (there is no such thing as gipsy colour, just neighbour influences).
          First question that crosses someone's mind when choosing Romania for traveling: Is it safe?!
Of course it is. There are no personal threats, diseases or events reported so far concerning safety.
2 basic things that you should be aware while landing in Romania is taxi fares (the guys approaching you at the airport - which are practicing highly rates - advisable to order a transfer) and currency exchange rates (airport desks are the worst/ practicing high commissions or low rates - advisable to withraw  from the airport ATM or use a bank desk situated right next to the car rental desks).
         There are many reasons for one to visit Romania, but I will only point the ones I would personally choose to.
         Starting with some countryside muse, did you knew that bio lifestyle is the new luxury of this century? Prince Charles of Wales definitely agrees with it since his first visit to Transylvania in 2008. More then that The Prince of Wales owes properties and promotes romanian villages regularly with no issues whatsoever.
         Romania is still quite rural and no trip would be complete without a village 'taste' where you can easily interact with the locals, find accommodation and spend some quality time away from social media and the daily routine. When you will be staying in a village, not only your host, but the whole community will be happy to welcome you. There are quite a few areas where you could have a full taste of the countryside in Romania. You could try Transylvania (my favorite one), Maramures or even Moldova (the moldovan painted monasteries are a beauty), all worth going, as each area have it's own traditions, own cuisine and own magic, just like the greek islands. Aside from the unique beauty of the nature or the most purified air from the mountains there is also the most tasteful food so far, collected straight from the farmers (no chemicals or preservatives). Road trips are the best way.

"The central characteristic of the Romanian cuisine is its great variety. It is a cuisine influenced by repeated waves of different cultures: the ancient Greeks, with whom Romanians traded; the Romans, who gave the country its name; the Saxons, who settled in southern Transylvania; the Turks, who for centuries dominated Romania; as well as Slavic and Magyar neighbors. All of these influences gradually blended into the varied and delicious Romanian culinary tradition" 
(Nicolae Klepper — Taste of Romania)

        How do I spend my escapes to Romania?  Well I get a bit of taste from everything.
        I treat myself with a night out in the restless Bucharest (as everyone knows the capital is famous for the crazy nightlife and the most luxurious parties), one day of visiting friends or places and of course 2 days at the countryside, away from the London vibes and work routine, at the end of the day everyone needs to recharge their batteries, isn't it.

 Other strong reasons to visit Romania:
  • Well Rucar - Bran Pass is one of the best landscape roads, Piatra Craiului Mountains and Bucegi National Park will be joining you all the way offering spectacular and unique views in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter time. 
  • Sibiu City and Sighisoara Citadel - are the most beautiful and well preserved inhabited citadels in Europe and has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Quick train links to get to one of these cities are from Bucharest, Brasov, Prague, Vienna or Budapest.
  • Transfagarasan Road - worlds best road according to Top Gear. 90 km/ 56 miles long, built between '70-'74, by the military forces as a strategic military route to cross the mountains in case the Soviets attempt to move to Romania.
  • Climb Moldoveanu Peak. 2,544m the highest mountain in Romania. Some says that you can even see the Black Sea in a blue sky day. :J Up the mountain the trek should take you around 4 hours. There is nothing more beautiful than waking up with such view, trust me, i've done it, I bet on it!
  • Spend a summer weekend at the seaside (Constanta) if you fancy the romanian show-off way. You will enjoy it. 
  • Another UNESCO protected site in Romania that worth spending some time around is Danube Delta, the largest river in the European Union which crosses 10 countries and with over 300 species of birds and 160 species of fish.
  • Ice Hotel at Balea Lake: is open for business during the cold time of the year and it features a different theme every Winter. 
  • The Turda Salt Mine - Tourists are going 400ft underground to visit one of the hidden wonders of the world which attracts around 600 000 visitors a year. (many romanians visit the mines for health treatments). Salt extraction around Turda area is estimated over 3 billion tones since back in '71. Is a bit difficult to find a term of reference as most people have never seen a place like this. 
  • Interesting fact: The Cave with Bones - Current information relates that human descended from apes which all lived in Africa. At the moment the oldest known bone remains from the first wave of homo-sapiens came from 'Pestera cu Oase' in Romania according with the 2002 discovery. Being the newest cave discovered and not yet fully researched, Cave with Bones is closed for the touristic circuits.  
         Most people think that Romania is the land of gypsies and Dracula. but  is got much more to offer. Aside the lovely food, the medieval cities, the architecture, the countryside and the history, the Software and IT Industry is growing with 20% each year, making Romania one of the greatest business opportunity in Eastern Europe.

Bamboo Bucharest
Fratelli Exclusive Club Bucharest
Rucar - Bran Pass, Transylvania
Balea Lake, Transfagarasan 
Moldoveanu's Peak
Piatra Craiului National Park
Neamt Citadel
Sighisoara City
Traditional outfit, Sighisoara City
Poiana Brasov, Winter time
'Dracula's Castle' | Bran Castle 
'Dracula's Castle' | Bran Castle 

        According with your preferences our team can easily bespoke a trip to Romania to remember.

Yours always,

12 May 2016

Paris, mon amour!

    I know I've said I'll never going to visit Paris again, but let's face it, who can possibly refuse it. Probably this is one of the nicest things about offering professional services in traveling. 
      With one of the largest economy in Europe, France is one of the largest exporter of luxury goods in the world, with the top four companies: Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel alone which worth billions. 
  If you decide to travel to Paris this year, you will definitely feel a change in hospitality: 
Paris vous aime! Or Paris Airport loves you! Is a new concept for Jewel of France industry in order to promote and manage globally a closer relationship with the passengers. PA new logo displays Parisian identity, the Eiffel tower and its openness to the world. We are all excited for this new strategy! 
   With 22 stamps on my passaporte only this year, and pitching up my full time job @asite, I can only say ' I am the manager of my life' - In order to break the rules you must first master them, someone told me. Please note that our privacy politics does not allow me to talk about my clients’ experiences or their bespoke trips, so therefore I will be referring only on myself. 

So, what else can you do in Paris beside catching the red bus for a full tour?
  • well... you could visit the Lindt factory for a hot chocolate just across the street of La Fayette Galleries main entrance. 
  • or you could use a yacht hotel on Seine for a romantic night. VIP Paris  offers all sort of packages hard to refuse when it comes to please their clients. If you have already booked your accommodation, that's alright, you can still book the dinner on Seine (130Euros). 
  • if you fancying something different then you can try BustroNome, the double deck luxury bus restaurant. I've seen it, I bet on it! On board passengers will discover the most beautiful views of Paris while enjoying the best of its gastronomy for only £68.
We all know that France is the motherland of cuisine.
When the multi-Michelin-starred chef, Alain Ducasse has been asked if the rest of worldwide restaurants that he manages are still part of the french cuisine, his answer was: '' Absolutely. French cuisine is an expertise that is expressed in whatever environment we find ourselves... Gastronomy is like fashion collections. I have a French collection in London, a contemporary French collection in Paris, a naturalness at Le Plaza and a Mediterranean collection in Monaco. Each is unique... ' The right products at the right place. Isn't that a nice thing to say?
  • If you don't catch a seat to one of the cabarets, search for a rooftop high end terrace (necessary with a view over the tour and chic French garden). I've tried this time Shangri La Hotel. The vegan pastries and the piano performance for the afternoon tea just made my day. 
  • If you are a fan of the historical villages, I suggest you to take a ride around Paris. There are some nice farms out there not to be missed. 

The combination of boucheries smell with Chanel on the city streets makes everything feels so authentic French. 

Did you knew:
 -that the shortest reign ever was the king of France, Louis XIX for only 20 minutes?
 -or that Paris is hosting over 80 luxury exclusive hotels?
 -'Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite' is the national motto of France.
 -the French  Army was the first to use camouflage in 1915
 -in France you can marry a dead person? Yes you definitely can under the French law.
 -France was the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from throwing away the unsold food in Feb 2016. By law you must donate the wastage to banks or charity.
 -about one million French people living near the border with Italy speak Italian.
 -Europe's tallest mountain is in the French Alps- Mont Blanc at 4,810m/ takes almost 12 hours to climb.
 -the Louvre Museum, receives over 9 million visitors each year.  Almost as population of Greece.
 -French wines can reach astronomical prices (world record 1,619 Euros per standard glass of DCR Romanee- Conti in Hong Kong)
 -French gastronomy was awarded as UNESCO World Heritage in 2010.
 -France produces nearly a billion tons of cheese a year in around 1,200 varieties.
 -the French eat around 30,000 tonnes of snails a year and also it is an offence to carry live nails on a train in France without their own ticket.
 -today France still retains 15 territories overseas.

Every Saturday, the West side of the City (considered also the artistic side back in the day) gets populated with hundreds of youngsters who are enjoying their dinner and a glass of wine with no stress whatsoever. 
Only in Paris!

French Luxury behind the scenes. 
Paris on Seine cruise. Worth every penny. 
Pop in to Guerlain show-room museum if you have some spare time on Elysee, beside their stunning shop, they also provide a very chic dining restaurant in the basement and on top of it they are engraving  your name on any fragrance bought this summer.
Paris is painted in 'toutes les nuances du  classique'. 

I've been surprised that everywhere you walk, everyone speaks English, is like Parisians became better.  Finally the French understood that being multilingual increases the economy. 

You would of loved Paris this time Peter.

 With love,
A Salalidis

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26 Apr 2016

One of those perfect things in Cape Town, Villa Mwanzoleo

        Rising six stories with a dramatic rock backdrop and radiant panoramic ocean views, is a beachfront villa like no other in Africa. This extravagant retreat is an exclusive and private decadence set in the most picturesque location in Cape Town. Mwanzoleo. A private and exclusive cinema and library, Swimming pool, full climate control, five en-suite bedrooms,  a gym, a study, steam shower and bath, a dedicated treatment room with massage therapists and aestheticians available at your request and  new vehicles available in the 5 car garage on ground level of the villa at any given time for your own use, or accompanied by a driver at your request. 
        Mwanzoleo‘s music and entertainment is integrated throughout all levels of the villa.  A large deck with rim-flow heated swimming pool, which is kept at a constant 28 degrees Celsius, follows from the bar area. 
       Mwanzoleo’s cellar is stocked with South Africa’s finest red and white wines and imported French Champagne.   
       24 hour security guards and the latest state of the art security systems allow you to have total peace of mind during your stay.
       What more can you wish for? 

Bedrooms  - 5
Bathrooms  -5
Garage       - 2
Swimming Pool -   YES
WiFi Internet access  - YES


Villa Mwanzoleo , Bantry Bay
Villa Mwanzoleo , Bantry Bay

Villa Mwanzoleo , Bantry Bay

Villa Mwanzoleo , Bantry Bay

Villa Mwanzoleo , Bantry Bay

Villa Mwanzoleo , Bantry Bay

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Sincerely Andreia Salalidis,

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