15 Sep 2015

Little Britain Challenge Cup Sailing Regatta 2015

Ever thought doing something different? Why not attending Little Britain Challenge Cup event on Isle of Wight. Every year sailors around the world gather here for the race of their life, the hardest race in the world. The most expensive sailing boats, the most successful British Construction Corporations and of course the most distinctive sponsors competing in showing off their potential, all under one event: The Little Britain Challenge Cup.
 Being the largest industry sailing regatta in Europe,is open to any company part of construction industry. Each year LBCC raises over £100.000 for charity. 
A team of sponsors and volunteers maintain the quality of the event to ensure that the day goes smoothly for everyone involved. The purpose is improving the event from a year to the other to make it more and more appealing to its loyal racers, and the organisers are always seeking to raise more money for their chosen charities.

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