21 Aug 2015

24 hours in Dublin | Travel Etiquette to Ireland

Ireland likes to describe itself as the land of Cead Míle Fáilte (“a hundred thousand welcomes”), which you will often see inscribed on pubs, and that’s really true for most tourists.
Visitors should use proper etiquette in order to make a good impression in Ireland. Irish etiquette is based on simple good manners, so it's not difficult to behave properly. 
- Always greet others in Ireland with a handshake.
- Speak quietly when talking in Ireland.
- Refrain from touching others in public.
- Give a tip at restaurants and pubs for good service.
- Do not smoke in restaurants and pubs.
- Maintain eye contact when speaking with others in Ireland. 
- Avoid discussions about politics and religions.
-  Multiple “byes” for ending a conversation on the phone. :) If you have overheard Irish people having a conversation on the phone, you will notice that they will say “bye” numerous times before they hang up the phone.  Just roll with it and get into a habit of saying, “Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye” in closing on the phone!”  This is polite etiquette in Ireland.
Taxis are quite pricey but for a ride to Dublin from the airport you can always use the Air Link for 6 Euros one way., by the way don't be shy to have a conversation with the taxi driver, they love talking and if you are looking for some tricks and tips for Ireland they are the perfect source.

About my accommodation:
Only half hour away from Dublin City Center, Celbridge Manor Hotel is located in the heritage town of Celbridge, Co. Kildare, established in a magnificent Georgian building dating back to 1837.
 Originally was a teaching school for girls and was built by the Connolly family.
Surrounded by beautiful walled gardens, the hotel offers a traditional Irish bar, modern Irish cuisine and a mix of 66 suites and bedrooms as well as Free WiFi and lots of parking space. 
The rooms are very spacious and clean as well. The beds are really big and comfortable, and the staff is very helpful and friendly. Food was OK, good portions and well priced. Every time I met an employee they were smiling and welcoming and couldn't do enough to help when asked.

Fares could start from £63 for a Standard Room/ huge room I could say, to  ~£100 for a Historic Room. 
Celbridge Manor Hotel
Andreia Salalidis Etiquette
Celbridge Manor Hotel
Does Ireland worth visiting?
Definitely! Discover the Drama along Ireland's Atlantic Way! That is my favourite.
''The Wild Atlantic Way... the longest defined coastal touring route in the world, where the powerful Atlantic waves meet Ireland's jagged western coast. These pre-planned itineraries bring you along the 2,500km length of the Wild Atlantic Way, showing you highlights of what to do, see and eat throughout your journey.''

Cliffs of Moher | Giuseppe Milo Photography

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