28 Jun 2015

Top Africa's Luxury Safari

The African Continent is the most exciting destination than any other at the moment. Luxury Safaris are leading the top of luxury travel offers. Not only you will find the best food, guides and comforts, but also takes the guests into an unknown world of Africa. So here are my top four luxury safari experiences for 2015. 

This exclusive camp in the Kapama Private Game Reserve offers not only the most exclusive accommodation, but also magical experiences | unique in the world, safari on the back of the elephant to spot The Big Five. The camp was been named after the first baby elephant adopted by the owners followed by other orphan elephants from Zimbabwe.


Rwanda, is a highly populated and extremely scenic little country. The main reason that tourists come here is to visit mountain gorilla situated in the Virunga Mountains area.  The country will really surprise you with an excellent road system, no litter, modern capital city, mountainside farms, several national parks, nice people and the most important safe, very safe comparing with other african countries. 

Silverback | Joachim Huber

Lake Kivu | Rwanda

Visitors comes here to experience the unique cultures of Masai people, Nairobi National Park, Malindi and Samburu National Reserve.

What's special about Kenya's Masai Mara?
One of the biggest and most unique attractions to the Masai Mara is the annual wildebeests migration. Every year, millions of wild beasts  make the journey from Ngorongoro to the Masai Mara. It's a dangerous journey for the animals, crossing rivers and swamps where the weak ones fall victim to crocodiles or any other predators. 

Masai Tribe | Dylan Walters
Malindi | Marco Pascolin

An experience of a lifetime. 
Tanzania has the greatest variety of scenes and wildlife of any country in Africa. You can choose from climbing on Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park or enjoy the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. I do strongly recommend  Serengeti Balloon Safari. It is an unforgettable adventure. 
If you have always dreamt  going on safari, my advice is, don't wait! The world is changing too fast, and you will never know what lies beyond the bend. 

Balloon Safari | Harvey Barrison

Kilimanjaro | Tambako The Jaguar

Zanzibar Beach | Giorgio Montersino

Love, A

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