16 Jun 2015

Celebrities brings the Glamour back in Greece

         The big winner of summer 2015 is Mykonos,

       Mykonos Island has become famous in 1960, once Grace Kelly and Jackie O decided to visit it. For a country so dependant on tourism, the endorsements couldn't come at any better time. With mega luxury yachts and tones of fine champagne sold on its beaches, down to dusk parties, Mykonos has claimed some of the glamour that made it a bacchanalian paradise for artists and the gay community half century ago.' you definitely don't think crises when you are In here.'
While you in Mykonos, 'a must' on your visit list should be JackieO' Bar next to Paradise Beach, Sea Satin Caprice Mykonos situated on the seaside in Mykonos Town, an exclusive sunset at Caprice Bar Mykonos and not the last Solymar. In one of these locations you might have a good chance to meet your favourite celebrity. The playground of the 60's is back in fashion. 

        Celebrities are coming like an invading army. Hollywood stars as Lohan, Kardashians, DJ's, Ronaldo, Conchita Wurst and many more have already voted for Mykonos in 2014.  Let's see who's going to be on the list this year. Wouldn't be a bad idea if you want to feel as a celebrity does, to rent Grace Kelly Yacht for Charter.  The yacht  interior capacity is 10 guests in 5 staterooms including a master suite, 2 double cabins and 2 twin cabins. Grace Kelly is also capable of carrying up to 5  crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience. 

In Mykonos perhaps you can understand better than anywhere the meaning of 'live your life to the fullest'. A cosmopolitan island with Official Ferrari Store, Louis Vuitton exclusive shop,  Rolex and Armani, and lots of 'only gay' exclusive hotels. 
In conclusion, Mykonos is a very attractive destination if you meet separately the following characteristics:  you're a fan of Greece in general, and in particular with everything related to the Cyclades, you like beautiful beaches and sandy areas as well as traditional architecture,   you love to have fun, you do not necessarily need quietness, you want to eat a souvlaki and drink ouzo accompanied by the rhythms of the bouzouki. 
Let's face it, who would go to Mykonos to rest?!

Go and have fun people ;)

Love, A

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